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Watch The Expendables 3 2014 Full Movie

Watch The Expendables 3 2014 Full Movie
Watch The Expendables 3 2014 Full Movie

Download Free Ultra Mpeg 4 Converter

 Ultra Mpeg 4 Converter

Ultra Mpeg 4 is a best solution for all kind for media file conversion.It can convert any file to any format with adjustable settings.It supports all kind of media file like MPG,MPEG1,MPEG2,FLV,AVI.
ultra mpeg 4

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Download Free HP LaserJet 1100 Drivers For Windows 8 and Windows 7

HP LaserJet 1100 Drivers

Asslam O Alaikum Dear Friends,
A few days before when I upgraded my windows,I was much surprised to see that my LaserJet Printer 1100 was not compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 7.
I searched again and again on internet to find some solution but all in vain..Every time my search was ended at any survey or 404 page.
And finally I returned to Windows XP because I had no enough money to replace my old printer.
But today I found a solution to my problem.So I decided to share  it with you .

  1. Download the file and and double click on it to extract drivers,you can find drivers at C:/1100
  2. Now simply go to Control Panel >Devices And Printers
  3. Click on    Add a printer  
  4. Now click on    The printer that i want isn't listed
  5. Now select   Add a local printer option and click  Next
  6. Select    Use an existing port   and click Next
  7. Select   Have a disk  and browse the folder c:/1100
  8.  Click on  file named  hp201ip5   and open it and click ok
  9. Now again press Next and give it a name or leave it unchanged and click Next and get test page to verify your printer installing
  10. Your printer is installed now.
  11. Enjoy and keep reading my posts Good Luck.


                         Download The Drivers 

EAV NOD Keys 2014 updated 14/04/2014



Username: TRIAL-0108216957
Password: 6bct2cff7a
Expiration date: 06/12/2014 

Username: TRIAL-0108217000
Password: 4x6474mu48
Expiration date: 06/12/2014

Username: TRIAL-0108217031
Password: 94c6vkbsxu
Expiration date: 06/12/2014

Username: TRIAL-0108216934
Password: 52v6ukv4xv
Expiration date: 06/12/2014

Username: TRIAL-0108216878
Password: tun6v2bcr2
Expiration date: 06/12/2014

Username: TRIAL-0108216847
Password: mpfm9vt9bp
Expiration date: 06/12/2014

Username: TRIAL-0108217813
Password: 2xu7jab8mu
Expiration date: 06/12/2014 

Username: TRIAL-0108217850
Password: d9966d4h7m
Expiration date: 06/12/2014

Username: TRIAL-0108218525
Password: pve7pc6cea
Expiration date: 06/12/2014

Username: TRIAL-0108217774
Password: r2x89sfskv
Expiration date: 06/12/2014

Username: TRIAL-0108217749
Password: pf2udv38th
Expiration date: 06/12/2014

Username: TRIAL-0108217709
Password: x6fmj8b5xj
Expiration date: 06/12/2014

Patch To Unlock Freedom Fighter All Missions

Asslam O Alaikum dear friends here is a special thing for freedom fighter game lovers.
Do you to choose your favourite mission to play ?
Then follow me,

  1. Download the rar file and extract it using windows or winrar,
  2. Copy the folder in my documents in your c drive,
  3. Open the game and select to Load game ,
  4. Select Freedom Fighter to play in hard mode or change profile to MHSKP by pressing the arrow key to right .
  5. Select your favourite mission and enjoy.

free download
Good luck and enjoy
My comment box is waiting for your opinion about this post.