Thursday, 4 February 2016

PTCL Announced EVO Self Care Portal


PTCL EVO Welcome

   کفر ٹو ٹا خدا خدا کرکے

This is a big news for PTCL EVO Customers that after along time PTCL finally announced again a working EVO Self Care Portal after many other use less portals  . Now EVO users will be able to know data used by them with date and time and duration .

  1. Simply go to  
  2. Fill the required information and click on create user button .
  3. Now open  
  5. Enter MDN of your EVO and click ADD button and you have done the job.
  6. Go to QueryUsage option and enter specific start and end date and click search your data usage history will be there in graph like below.
PTCL Announced EVO Self Care Portal

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