Monday, 10 February 2014

Watch And Download Youtube Videos Without Of Any Proxy Or VPN

Asslam O Alaikum To All Dear Pakistanis,
Today I am going to share with you a best forever way to watch and download Youtube videos without of any proxy or VPN.
One thing that should be remembered that Government Of Pakistan has ordered PTA to block all VPN services like Hotspot Shield,Spotflux,and other VPNs.
So all the software and apps those uses VPN are now useless.
Step # 1
Install the Playit extension for Chrome by clicking the below link
Download extension (Sorry Extension Deleted)
Note =  It is not necessary to install the extension.
Step # 2
  1. Now go to
  2. In Search bar write any thing and click on search it will show you all the links from YouTube,
  3. Click on on any vide to play it, after playing the video there will be Download tab on the bottom side of video near about tab.
  4. Click on Download tab and here you will found available download formats,
  5. Just download and and enjoy.
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