Saturday, 1 February 2014

Best Way To Unblock Youtube Using VPN

Best Way To Unblock Youtube

Best Way To Unblock Youtube Using VPN
Today every internet user knows how to access websites blocked by there service providers.But all the ways are not useful like, Ultra Surf Hotspot Shield Spotflux. But there are some problems in using these ways like ads slow server and many more.So I decided to share an other way to access blocked websites via VPN (Virtual Private Network).
It is not only free but it is also ad free.
You should have to create an VPN connection by using .
New Connection Wizard  .
  • Just go to Control Panel>>Network Connections>>>Click on New Connection Wizard Click Next to proceed to next page .
  • Select  Connect to the network at my workplace  and click next.
  • Choose  Virtual Private Network Connection and click next.
  • In company name write and click next.
  • On this page again give   and click next.
  • Check  Add a shortcut to this connection on desktop.
  • Now it will ask user name ,give it user name as  and password freevpn.
  • Now check save user name and password option and click connect.
  • After get connected open your Internet Browser and search for any website,It will go to first and it will ask you to agree the terms and conditions,Click on Agree and after this open the blocked website and enjoy .