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Friday, 19 February 2016

Make Money By Clicking On Ads

Make Money By Clicking On Ads

Today i want to introduce you with PTC cites from where
you can earn web money.You have to create an account
on any site and then you will be able to view ads.
In a day  free users can view some ads but Premium members
can view extra ads.Start with free account and earn money by
viewing ads, when you think that you have enough money to subscribe
premium member apply to upgrade your subscription.
Get your money in Pakistan using Payza .To create and verify Payza account click on below banner and also visit my below posts.

Read More How To Create And  Verify Your Payza Account
Click on this banner to create a free account.

Create Free Payza Account

Today many Pakistani internet users has interest in Make Money On Internet .
But many of them don't know that how they will get there earnings in Pakistan.
Here is the solution Payza (AlertPay).Pakistani bloggers mostly use it to withdraw
their money because it can be verified easily in Pakistan by suing
CNIC and any Utility bill like Electricity or Gas etc.
To create your free account click below.

It will redirect you to payaz main page.
  1. Click on Sign Up Now,
  2. Select account type as Personal,
  3. Fill up all the fields correctly as you CNIC ,
  4. Don't try to cheat Payza in any way,
  5. A verification email will be sent at your email address that you have given,got to your inbox and open the email and click the given link to verify your email address.
  6. You have created your Payza account successfully ,now it is time to verify your payza account fo this please read this post Verify your payza account  .

How To Verify Your Payza Account In Pakistan

How To Verify Your Payza Account In Pakistan

Verify Payza with Credit Card

If you want to verify your account with Credit Card you should have a Credit Card.
Then go to your account page at Payza and click to MyPayza account tab ans select verification.
After this select>>Credit Card Validation. Here give your name Credit Card No. and expiry date etc.

Verify Your Account With CNIC and Utility Bill
The second way to verify your account is by giving your documents.Go to Payza page and select
Support button that is near to Below right corner of the page.
On this page select>Submit a ticket to our support team.
Here first select>My account support and then >Account Verification Inquires and click the next button.
Here fill the for as
Name    your name
Email  your email
Verify Payza in Pakistan

Fill all about and then click Submit your account,it will be verified in 3 to 4 working days.

Monetizing Your Blog Now

Monetizing Your Blog Now

If you have a website or blog and it has enough visitors that
your pages or daily visited,then you can make money by
you website or blog by following these steps.
1.Create an account on any of these websites.
2.G to dash board and choose any banner and get HTML code.
3.Paste this code in you website template where you want to display this ad.
when any body will click on this ad you will be paid by the advertiser.
To get money by them create free account on Payza by clicking the below banner.

After creating your account verify it using CNIC and Utility bill
Just click  to create a free account.

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